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Need help with fishing ? by Dreamy-Pikat
Need help with fishing ?
My jötun Greip and his vanir. Greip is a young jötun who wanted to travel and see the worlds. His father exauced his wish (irony here) by making a treaty with a wealthy vanir family : his exotic son and a trade agreement between their two families in exchange of precious vanir product and other riches. At first Greip wasn't against this agreement, he wanted to leave Jotunheimr and his father who was more and more cruel and greedy. But he didn't know that once with the vanirs they will let him with the eldest son of the family in a lonely mountain village. Actually they used Greip in order to pressure their son into an arranged marriage, as long as he won't yield to their request they will let Greip in his care. What they didn't expect was their son to tolerate the jötun and even grow fond of him. Greip made everything to fit with vanir and help him. 

The picture is about the first time Greip actually was useful to his vanir. Living in a lonely mountain village he had to substain to his own needs, fishing, chasing, cultivating by himself. The first time they went fishing Greip noticed how hard it was for a simple vanir. As a jötun fishing is one of the most natural thing for him and, while the vanir spent a long time to build his fishing stick, he caught a dozen of fishes in some minutes. Since this day his vanir finally gave him attention and recognition. And actually enjoyed seeing him chasing with a great determination and come out of water, hands full of prey and a big grin on his face. 
Rock Dragon by Dreamy-Pikat
Rock Dragon
Idea I got from a friend. A dragon who live in the water and that you can confuse with those seal covered rocks you find and walk on in the rivers and seas. With a tongue like a sea anemone to trick and catch little fishies.
Jori and Asha by Dreamy-Pikat
Jori and Asha
My friend Marjorie and my dwarves alter-ego. They're great friend who feast and a lot. While Jori is respectable yet mischevious dwarf, Asha is a thief and trade a lot on the black market. 
Roan by Dreamy-Pikat
A dwarf from the Blue Mountains, good friend of Bofur who work with him in the mines. He's also a lumberjack and travel a lot to trade. That's how he met Denzel in the Shire and since then he visit the hobbit more and more regularly. With a jovial and happy-go-lucky nature he's quite appreciated, yet he can be more scary than a wild bear when he's jealous. And he get jealous pretty easily. 
Gigolas Modern Teenagers by Dreamy-Pikat
Gigolas Modern Teenagers
My first quick design for Legolas and Gimli as modern humans teens.

Legolas is an ecologist, veggie, hippie who only buy bio and fair trade things. He's also in the archery club and have tons of bio cosmetics for his skin and hair and do mediation before going to bed.
Gimli is a metal fan with passion for motos and mechanics who grew in a large loud family. He like to drink and sing with friends and smoke from time to time. He's quite proud of his beard and wild flaming hair. 
Those two were in the same middle school and high school and if at first they hated each other their fight gradually became friendly bickering. Now they spend sundays together, smoking a little, Legolas trying his bio products and new veggie recipes on him while Gimli plait his hair. Of course this whole affair ended in bed after one particular evening where Legolas tried to teach Gimli new yoga positions and "accidentally" lost his balance and fell on him, making a mess of limbs. Touchy, curious, hot limbs...


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Dreamy-Pikat Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
You're welcome ! I loved your bagginshield fanart where bilbo try to steal from Thorin, I wish someone will write something about it :)
Lokipitch Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh, some asked to use this as inspiration.
Dunno if she did it. :)
Guess you have to search for it.

But thank you so much.:)
I'm really fond of that pairing. my middleearth otp. XD
Dreamy-Pikat Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
It would be so cool if she do it ! I love these too ! They're just so obvious, almost like an old married couple in the movie X)
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